Production Line Monitoring System

The improvement effect of 400 million /year

Started with this IoT tool.

Monitoring Operation Status and CO2 Emission with IoT

  • By using iXacs, it allows us to visualize the operational status and CO2 emissions of the production line. It's not just a representation of data, but also a depiction of the "waste" in the production line, leading directly to improvement activities.
  • Profitable IoT Expansion to Thailand

    Toward a corporate culture that can be improved

    「 I tried to improve it, but didn't work 」「 I want to try, but I don't know what to do

    iXacs can automaically visualizw the status of production lines that were previously invisible.

    The system is carefully designed so that is easy to user the perspetive of the realsite.

    And even if you can see what you clound't see, it is not an improvment

    From the acquired data, identity problems and actually make improvements.

    Here is a big hurdle.

    iXacs improvment support service, the staff will give the best advice based on the analysis result, removing the hurdles to imporvment.

    「 IoT system 」 and 「improvement support」 service to create a corporate culture allows continous improvement

    【Event】 Ongoing PoC test service


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